A guy in my area is selling the following guitar for a little less then 170 euros (250-60 USD?) . A great deal, considering I payed more for the GRG170dx and was complete garbage.

A few pics, if anyone has any experience with the neck / PUPS, I'd love to hear it :

(case included in the price)
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I prefer barbed wire strings. I find I can get the most br00t41 tonez with it.
Slanted buckers? Never seen that...looks good. Go for it.
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I don't know anything about this brand and i'm curious about something...

Why only one knob? Does it not have tone control?
LAG make nice guitars, played a couple nice little metal mechines.
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the slanted 'buckers look kinda strange to me but it looks like a solid axe
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But it. LAGs higher end and indeed middle end range of guitars are fantastic.
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