Hello i have an Xbox 360 for sale trade, it comes with 2 controllers, HDMI cable, Power Supply.

Make me offers and il see if im willing to seperate with it for it.
Okay sounds reasonable, but youl have to wait till the 11th when my ps3 arrives!

anyone with other offers feel free to throw them out here.
yeah, unfortnately it doesnt come with the the HDD though my friend has already called that.

comes with everyting else though.
Today is last day im offering this here, il take 75 that includes shipping, otherwise its going ebay.
erm..would you take any trades..
maybe a crafter crown dx with a takeuchi trem..one of the best!! hasnt gone outta tune.
would you like a PC motherboard, fully working, has processor and ram and graphics..the lot, just need case, hard drive and power supply
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would definately like it for 75 though..what drive does it have in it??
pm me pc specs incuding the name of the stuff!. i maybe intersted as my pc is pretty shot
just post here
unfortunately on has 512 ram..but ive run counter strike source on it for past 3 months.

its AMD athlon 2400+ running @ 2.0
512 Ram
256 Geforce 6200 graphics
nah il pass on the pc stuff im on a athlon 2800+ 9800se ati and 1 gig ram. Anything else you can offer? :P
lol my new pc...but im needing that now!
i really do need a new 360...sold mine to buy ibanez lol :P
i can only offer you bum sex..

nah erm, are you looking for anythin in particular?
i can give you pics when i get home.
but basically...
super strat style, no pick guard, H-S-H.
Its red, with a sparkle type effect.
Has a bit of wood missing as it had a SHIT trem, so i got this japanese made one had to change guitar routing.

There is 2 dings on the underside..not on the front or back..just the outline basically.. but i have had no issues with it.
okay do you have msn where we can talk faster? pm me it if you do. if not il.... well il wait til you get home i guess hah
ok cool, i tryed to pm back but didnt work.... pm me pictures when your home and then well get this trade rolling!
Hey just seen an old thread of yours which had a pic of the guitar in it.. Looks nice

when you able to ship? pm your address, il do the same now.