I know this may sound like a silly question but I want to know for sure. I have a Marshall CDR15 amp with 2 channels, 1 clean and 1 overdrive. I have just been given a Boss Distortion pedal and was wondering if they are the same sound as they sound similar.

Cheers for all help
i think they're's a demo of all the distortion pedals at bosspedals.com or something like that.

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Overdrive is more natural sounding whereas distortion is harsh & more artificial
I prefer overdrive personally :P
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I'm pretty sure there is a sticky about this somewhere. Use the search bar and I'm sure you'll find everything you need to know.
sort of.... overdrive is a type of distortion.. pretty much anything that adds gain or scratches your tone up is a distortion..

an overdrive pedal just simulates the sound of a cranked amp. without actually cranking it.
Distortion is supposed to be the sound of your preamp being overdriven. On your overdrive channel, you'll have a gain control. The more you crank that up and the more you crank up the output on your guitar, the more this preamp will be overdriven, which causes distortion.

So basically an overdrive pedal boosts your output so that your preamp will be overdriven more when the pedal is on.

A distortion pedal artificially mimicks this sound. It takes your output, at any level, and turns it into a distorted tone, so when you go into your amp, even if you're on the clean channel, it will sound distorted.

So yeah, there's the probability for similar results, but it happens two different ways.
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So basically an overdrive pedal boosts your output so that your preamp will be overdriven more when the pedal is on.

Not true.

Overdrive is the sound of a cranked tube amp. Distortion is the same in principle, but is far more extreme. It's like feeding a hot signal through several booster pedals into a triple rectifier.
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