Toadworks Phantasm Phaser!


RRP For £360 @ Dolphin Music

Will sell for £265 O.N.O


"ToadWorks Phantasm is the world's first 9V battery operated, analogue, vactrol-based, dynamic phaser with a Center-Axis control pedal (whew!). With three basic modes of operation, stunning clarity and an uparalleled feature set, ToadWorks Phantasm is truly in a class of it's own. The end product of three years of development, Phantasm offers studio-quality phasing at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, no other battery-powered phaser comes close to the range of features available on the Phantasm. Simple to use, ToadWorks Phantasm is a sophisticated phase shift effect, with a smooth operation and low noise floor that will amaze the most die-hard digital fans. Every combination of guitar and effect will have a slightly different response, and the sensitivity and operation will always vary to some degree, so expect the unexpected. Trust us - this phaser's set to stun."