So im 14 and i gig locally with my dad and our drummer, Andy. Andy is only 2 years younger than my dad just turned 40. I tried playing with some younger guys but i didn't like it cause they just weren't experienced enough and i had to take charge and do EVERYTHING. I love being the youngest in my band.....they let me drink their beer what did you expect me to say lol .....no i really like it.

Does anyone else have older guys in their band? How do you like it?

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Im the youngest in my band but only by a year..

Doesnt realy effect me that much..
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if you enjoy it who cares and free beer is never a bad thing
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how could you not forsee the rise of surskits!

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Im the youngest (19) the others are 25, 28 and 29. I love it.
Yeah we had a lot of pub gigs when i joined at 17, and all the pubs assumed I was old enough, so I could get served. We're actually on this months Unsigned article
Im the youngest in mine too. Im 19 and the other guys are 20 23 and 24.
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sorry but +1 to the above :P
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how could you not forsee the rise of surskits!

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One second let me just ask my penis.

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Everyone is my band is the same age, and we're all too young to drink
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Haha. That makes YOU the odd one out.
Freeloader. =P
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I'm the youngest in my band by like a month or something. Makes no difference to me.

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I'm 18, so are 2 more people in my band, the rest is 19. I've been drinking beer since I was 16 whenever I wanted (since it's legal in Germany) and before that, too, actually, cause they didnt check IDs back then.
I like it.
i know a kid a little younger then you that goes around with his dad and friends. if you wanna jam with kids your age hopefully you will inspire them to pick it up. but there are good musicians everywhere you just gotta keep lookin.
youngest in my band (21) .. the other are at least 10 years my senior .. but .. it's all about the music man.. doesn't matter how you achieve it.. just as long as you do...
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Yes, I made an account to ask this question. Is it really that weird? No. I wanted some feedback from some proper guitar experts who knew what they were talking about. Sorry, I guess I was wrong.
My band goes:

-19 (Me)
-20 (Guitarist)
-20 (Bassist)
-16 (Drummer)

We don't have any problems. If we do, its usually because of a political argument.
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I think this is a good thing. I mean, at 14 you're ready to play with big boys. At 20 you're gonna have a record deal.
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nice discovery, sir.

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