I picked up playing the guitar while on a 2 month buisness trip. I want to inspire my kids to play. My bro is somewhat of a musician and he tells me that there are not enough musicians in the world. So I am eager to learn about theory and technique. Right now I know the bare min. ie key signatures, notation, time. I really want to stay away from TABS, until I learn the fundementals.

Could someone direct me where to have conversations within the forum and not use the forum as a question and answer kind of deal? I kind of want to introduce myself with pounding the forum with a million questions. I am hoping to pick up the answers along the way, without flooding the boards.
Check this out!

Edit: There's a lot there so just jump in.. I'd start with chords first and learn how to construct them. If you dont know the major scale then you should learn that first.. just the intervals, will be good for now.
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In each forum, there are threads at the top of the page labelled "Sticky". These are the important threads that answer most basic questions you might have, so it would be worth reading through these, even if you don't understand all of what you read.

For music theory, I would recommend www.musictheory.net for getting the basics down, as it has a user-friendly Flash way of teaching.
You can also check out the lesson section of this site....

there is a lot of good stuff there
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Thanks for the quick responses.

I have started to learn scales, I can play few by memory, just not very fast.

Lately I have been trying to transcribe this book I have, it is written in piano but the voice is written for guitar. I would like to play the piano portion on guitar. From what I understand the middle C on a guitar as it corresponds to a piano is located at B1? That is my latest thing, as well as learning chords and everything else that goes on.