It takes a lot of skill to be able to do it well.

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Depends what you consider talent, now doesn't it?

Pure technical skill, they're probably the best out there. Musical ability? That's all about one's personal taste.

My personal favorite guitarist is Paul Gilbert and favorite number 3 is Marty Friedman.

You can get some pretty efficient ones these days. I don't think they play guitar, though.

Oh, lawd... I'm funny.
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I want to listen to a song, not 5 minutes worth of warmup techniques.
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depends on who you are calling shredders, because many people call themselves that, and those who can do it effectively, i would say are rather skilled, but i also know alot of guitarists that say they can shred, but in essence are horrible at it
They're technically superior to most guitarists that play in mainstream bands. Their music isn't always that popular though as it often bores people (which is understandable). If you get a good shred album though (Dragon's Kiss, Perpetual Burn, Rising Force, Rusty Cooley) they're awesome.
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If Hendrix, Clapton and Page were to jam, the most impressive guitarist playing would be Paul Gilbert.

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Incredibly skilled players. However, a lot lack musical ability. However, many of them are able to execute their skills very musically. Even Malmsteen has a few really great songs.
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Aren't that great at guitar but they are ****ing delicious.
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