Playing the Guitar

This is Lewis Hamilton's down time - and grand prix racing does not get a mention. Britain's racing sensation is talking about the other obsession in his life... the guitar.

Outside the refrigerated motorhome his Vodafone McLaren is coming together across the Kuala Lumpur paddock beneath a remorseless Malaysian sun.

Eighty per cent humidity and 38 degree heat is forecast for Sunday's toughest race of the year.

Here in what is effectively a giant icebox with chairs Hamilton is talking about coping with the oppressive heat of fame.

And his six-string accomplice that comes to every race. "It's a good way to relax," he said. "Burning time is not easy when you travel as much as I do.

"You soon run out of films to watch, you soon get bored of reading, there are only a certain number of things you can read on the internet. But I can spend hours playing my guitar and forget the pressures."

There is no rock star wannabe beneath the famous overalls. Ambitions change. "I'd be a rapper if anything," he said.

After winning the opening round in Melbourne, Hamilton's agenda has changed too. From one of desperate pursuit to that of the man to catch.

He is the man in the groove. Like much in his life since his £45m McLaren deal, even his hobbies have gone upscale from last year's trusty acoustic. Now he is electric. I plug my headphones straight into it so the noise doesn't bother anyone else," he added.

Given last weekend's victory was the first step to his ultimate ambition, one wag asked if he could play Stairway to Heaven.

"No, but my favourite riff is from No Woman No Cry, a solo I quite like." His fingers briefly claw an imaginary chord - not something you see every day in an image conscious Formula One paddock.

"When I was younger I was more limited in what I would listen to. I was brought up on Bob Marley. These days I've got a broader view.

"I play a bit of everything - Oasis, Dylan, Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix. Michael Jackson is my favourite but I like Prince too, and Sir Paul McCartney is a legend."

A Ferrari mechanic goes scurrying past. The boys in red are trying not to sing the blues after both their cars failed to finish in Australia.

The word is the car cannot deal with the sweltering heat.

Not good news ahead of the hottest race of the year.

Hamilton smiles and says: "Hey listen. Shouldn't we be talking motor racing?"


There was a video of him playing a blue electric, looked like a PRS. Anyone confirm?
I bet he can't even make his guitar moo like I can.
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'

taking his aggression out rather than on Alonsos rectangle head

i watched his video choices on mtv...like rap and rnb. i think this is all a publicity stunt.
so what, kimi drinks beer during races.
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He relaxes by banging that chick from Pussy Cat Dolls. He don't need no guitar
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taking his aggression out rather than on Alonsos rectangle head

i watched his video choices on mtv...like rap and rnb. i think this is all a publicity stunt.

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Wait a minute... a guitar related thread? This is the pit isnt it?
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lol it would be cool if he said i listen to yngwie malmsteen, necrophagist and iron maiden

if he would do a cookie monster growl over the radio when driving that would be full of win.