well basicly.. i searched and nothing useful came up...

however... i own a marshall valvestate VS102R
it's a hybrid amp -> has a tube in the preamp section ... however i think that valve is dead... not sure tho, this is the first time for me to be changing a valve
but anyway even if it isnt dead i'd like to change it... jsut to try how different does the sound get.

I play some sort of rock, but the sound i'm really interested in is the warm rock'nroll tone... -> i dont need such a "hi gain" valve, ... i need something that would warm up the sound a little bit.
it has an ECC83 [12AX7] in preamp.. (originally) dunno what's inside now... however ..
can you suggest me any valves from this site, (i can buy from here, not sure about anywhere else... im from slovenia http://www.trm-audio.si/elektronke.htm )

UG, thanks in advice.
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The tube doesn't factor into how a hybrid like that sounds. I'd just get a standard JJ or tung sol 12AX7
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won't make any difference if you chance the valve. the 1 valve in the preamp is basically useless. won't chance the tone of your amp one bit. but if you still want to do it go with the JJ ECC83.

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