Lifting? Drifting?

I think someone's an Andy Mckee ripoff lol. JK

Actually, that was really really good (and I can't believe you made that guitar yourself). The song was clearly inspired by Andy M's "Drifting", but it still sounded very original and was a really nice song, though I felt it needed some kind of "hook". It just needs a little something to make it stand out as different from Andy Mckee's stuff and to make it more into a song.

Anyway, keep writing stuff, you seem to have a lot of talent.

......(if you check out my myspace listen to "Basement Track 4": it's a little more your style)..
Thanks for checking it out. Damn, I didn't put 2 and 2 together at all with any of Andy's song titles (of which I've only discovered recently) but I've been heavy influenced by Don Ross and Kaki King for years but never could really pull anything in that style off before. Really I was just kinda in a bummer mood when I recorded it and it lifted me hence the title. I'm gonna need to rename it!

Na, I'm gonna leave it. Any comparison to Andy Mckee is okay with me!

Cool man. I really liked that tune. Nice and mellow and the lead had a great feel and tone to it. Nice work! keep it up!

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Awesome, very Andy Mckee Seriously, making up songs like those is really incredible, you're a genius. Not much more to say maybe except try not to copy Andy too much, add something from your own into the song.

And you actually built that guitar? Wow, how long did it take you?! :P

Great job

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so, i just watched 'august rush' the other day and this sounds like it could be on the soundtrack...

seems like it's hard to keep the timing during the elaborate movement of your changes...i thought u settled in nicely tho' and the song kinda chugs along...guitar has a great sound and i must say that i'm impressed that u made it...my lead guitar guy makes his own too and it'd be nice to do the same myself as well...maybe someday!

cheers, darek

Thank you again for listening. Here are some shots of the guitar making in process and some info for those interested:

-Ebony fretboard/bridge/headstock veneer
-One piece mahogany neck
-Maple binding and rosette
-Indian rosewood back & sides
-Sitka Spruce top
-Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend Pickup


Crit back coming up
Very well done and the guitar sounds great. It's refreshing to hear something with various 'hooks' (both melodic and rhythmic) rather than the customary blizzard of notes which vanish into nothingness. I'm definitely hearing a Page influence (classic Zep era with the Sevastopol tuning) as well as a smidge of Steve Howe (check out 'Sketches in the Sun').

Keep up the good work.

Feel free to crit a couple of demos/ideas I submitted to the band that they weren't interested in.

Yeah, Page & Howe are among my favourites. Thanks for checking it out. I crit'd ya back on your page.