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Well i came across an old classic Brothers Johnson track and decided to learn it, and i just cant stop playing this fcking song ! So what song are you mad on playing at the moment?

Song: Stomp
Artist: Brothers Johnson
Bassist: Louis Johnson

Silky groove with great slap solo, its on youtube, check it out and learn it mofo's!!!
I can't stop playing Dina Lam by Richard Bona (yeah yeah, ha ha). Amazing musician, he has a fantastic voice to compliment his playing too. It's a great song if you wanna improve your chordal/arpeggio/ three finger (thumb, index, middle) playing. Check it out here.
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Song: Wet Sand
Artist: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Bassist: Flea

It has a melody that the bass plays during the chorus and the bridge and outro if full of bass fills.
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Laid To Rest | Lamb Of God. The bassist is John Campbell. He may play with a pick, but he has left hand skills.

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Electric uncle sam by primus its nice and simple and you can really get into the song as you play.
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Battlestar Scralatchtica, by Incubus' Dirk Lance. It's just so dang funky and fun to mess around with.
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Chameleon by Herbie Hancock. You know the riff.

That and Footprints (the Miles Davis version) are just two of my favourite jazz bass lines. Oh and Mr. PC.

For me right now its:

Song: Use Me
Artist: Bill Withers
Bass Player - I believe its Melvin Dunlap, at least on the live version.
Carousel - Mr. Bungle
Bassist: Trevor Dunn

Carousel music infused with death metal and folk, ever so tasty to play..
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i have to completely analyze it for uni and i decided to learn it because off that infectious groove
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Song: Message to Love
Artist: Band of Gypsies
Bassist: Billy Cox
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right now pretty much everytime i pick up my bass i play
flash light by parliament
new planet by meeski martin and wood
Song:Mary Had a Little Lamb
Artist:Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Double Troule
Bassit:Tommy Shannon
easy but fun bassline
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Sunshine of Your Love
Jack Bruce

Chris Wolstenholme
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Billy Sheehan played bass I think. And it's easy to sing along to.
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To Tame a Land
Iron Maiden
Bassist - Steve Harris

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I don't tend to get too obsessed, but at the moment it's a toss up between the bassline from higher ground (RHCP cover) and the bass riff at the end of "I am the ressurection" by the stone roses.
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^ i love that bassline, its so rolling...

I am mad on Only So Much Oil In The Ground, Tower of Power now. ****ing great song, and such a great bassline. Rocco really is a master of finger funk
I alway's find myself getting into cant touch this by MC hammer, i like that bassline =/

Im going to take some note's from this thread though, some very funky bassline's
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i totally forgot about country music, i also end up playing the bits of it that i can play although not as often as i used to

also lately i've been playing superstition by stevie wonder but that just for uni
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I think after this relentless adding for the last 10 mins, that Dan is the coolest looking. Goddamn welsh people and my great etc etc etc etc etc granddad is welsh.
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Any Stevie Wonder Line but I always noodle around with Sir Duke.

From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness
Gravemakers & Gunslingers.

Mic Todd

Both by Coheed and Cambria. Fun, varying basslines.
*Two songs from my old demo, with my band Snakeskin in now in my profile. Feedback?

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