I play Death Metal. I need a new axe, and this looks like a steal but I'm no guitar-knowledge-guru, so what do you guys think?

Schecter Hellraiser 006 Electric Guitar Features:
Construction: Set neck with Ultra Access
Scale: 25.5"
Body: Mahogany (Quilted maple top on Black Cherry finish)
Neck: 3-piece mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 24 X-Jumbo
Inlays: Gothic Cross
Pickups: EMG Active 81/89
Electronics: Vol/Vol/Tone (coil-splitting)/5-way switch
Bridge: TonePros TOM w/Thru-Body
Tuners: Grover
Hardware: Black Chrome
Binding: Abalone on Black Cherry, Gray Pearl on Gloss Black
If you played it and liked it, you should go for it. If not, test it. Remember that specs won't tell you anything about a guitar's built quality and therefore, it's sonic capabilities.
Looks good to me. Don't get a trem if you need to retune at all.

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And as ever, tell us your amp; if your amp sucks, your tone sucks, period.

Otherwise, I do advise Schecter. Never mind the specs, Schecter have a good track record quality-wise, and as long as you like the specs you'l do well.
i got a hellraiser i really didnt like it. emgs fizzy and unnatural, ebony unresonant, 7 string too big for me. They are well made and ill swap it with a c1.
I'd get it.
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i got it, its great, nothing to complain about at all, good quality build, good specs.
it's amazing. my main guitar. great for basically everything if you've got a good amp.
You may want to look into the Michael Kelly Vex Deluxe too.
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Thanks for the feedback, right now I have no amp, I'm using Line 6 Pod Farm, so I can generate basically any amp tone.