Hello everyone this is my first post here ever.

I'm looking to get a new guitar and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I've been playing guitar for 9 years, and am used to a lot of different styles.

I'm looking for a nice electric guitar that has a wide range whammy bar -- not a bigsby or a fender whammy that can only go in one direction or bend a half step. I'm looking for a long range whammy that I can take dives on -- something more along the lines of a floyd rose.

However, most of these guitars come with locking tuners and such, which I don't really like. If this is a necessary thing to have, they had better stay in tune.

My basic requirements are these:
Wide range whammy bar
Stays in tune long despite whammy action
Sounds great

Price isn't really an issue, but to be practical let's cap it around $1500 American.

Can anyone help me out? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Yeah dude they are pretty damn necessary (locking nuts).

Prestige RG series? Maybe RGT if you can afford it or a used Jackson Sl1?

BTW, What amp do you have? It could be worth buying and s470 then just getting an amazing amp. s470 are good guitars
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jackson dinky model, i have the dk2m which works great and is only 500-600 dollars, so if u have 1500 then u could probably buy an higher end jackson which would porbably work even better. they do have locking nuts, but thats really the only way to be able to stay in tune after a dive
I would recommend Ibanez series, Ive tried the Prestige and its rather awesome, but ill stick with my Steve Vai signature JEM 555, its amazing and it never goes out of tune regardless of how much you use it.
I'd suggest a Jackson SL3.
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Locking tuners are what keep the guitar in tune through the dives, and locking nuts (like on a FR system) are even more stable.
You can do a lot better than the S470 with that budget. As far as Ibanez goes, the S5470 or SV5470 models are nice, and any upper-level RG model will do nicely. A Schecter Stiletto Classic (I'm assuming you don't want a 7-string) would fit the bill also, they have a few others with FR systems but that's one of their top models. Jackson and probably Washburn have guitars that fit the bill, but I don't know much about them. Also, look up Carvin. They do custom jobs, but it's within your budget. Get the exact specs you want, including a FR system. I highly recommend them.
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Ibanez S-series..


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Perhaps S470?

-1, I don't like that one :p
S670FM, it looks hot and has all the perks of the S series.
I'm amazed nobody else has suggested this yet.


I know what he said, but it sounds kickass IMO and I've barely ever detuned with my strat when divebombing. As for wide-range, define wide-range.

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the jackson SLSMG is a good choice i used to have before i sold it get an Jackson WR1 which was an bad idea.

Jackson LFRs are Pretty good since i personally never had one fail on me.
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if you play metal and like slayer i'd recommend an esp jeff hanneman or a bc rich kerry king v/warlock, they both have active emg 81/85 pickups and a kahler x-trem tremolo. I think they dive bomb better than floyd rose and you can change strings without cuting the ends off.
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I'm amazed nobody else has suggested this yet.


I know what he said, but it sounds kickass IMO

It's not exacly worthy of an IMO.

Someone else must like it or it wouldn't sell

Honestly, this suggestion is a +1.

With Floyds, the only LFRs you should really use are certain IBZ edge models. Bear that in mind. Speaking of which, Floyd Rose own brand guitars are actually awesome. Check them out.