has anyone heard of him??? well my friend introduced me to this guy and his stuff is legit. its kind of a mix between herbie hancock and the cusaders (without vocals). its a nice mix of funk and jazz you should check him out.

heres about the only youtube video of his music.

but you can go to his site http://www.cadillacjones.com/
and it has a radio on it and if you like his stuff you can download his album for free of his site under media. im listening to his album right now its pretty damn good from what i've heard from it. they cover duke ellington's caravan which is really good.

he is definitely worth checking out.
Yeah dude Cadillac Jones is great stuff, I've never seen them live but I would like to. But if you're into this kinds of stuff check out this Tallahassee local funk band, Soular System.
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