I own a marshall MG100HDFX and when my band practise we play quite loud to hear over the drums, but when i play loud when i stop playing my amp makes terrible feedback noise, how can i stop this?
you know this thing on your guitar.
Its called the Volume pot.
Is it really that hard to turn a frieken knob.
Thread over.
Your amp.. says it all
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get a new amp and set that piece of shit on fire

almost, you should sell the mg, then put the extra money towards the new amp.

don't worry, i'm sure the mg buyer will burn it anyway
oh god...*puts flame shield up for TS*...
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im going to buy a leavey 6505 in the next month or so but for the time being i have to use this piece of shit haha! i'll try not standing right next to it, thanks guys
buy a noise suppressor/noise gate to cut the feedback out....i have a 6505+ aswell and it still has some feedback so youll want the peddle for that aswell anyways
Turn the gain down, stand far away from the amp and roll back your volume on the guitar when not playing. Also try switching to the neck pup when your not playing as it tends to feedback less than the bridge.
For those who care.
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