I've been playing on the same old Vox da5 almost since I started playing guitar 2 years ago. All I want is a decent amp! I like high gain amps but I also like a good clean channel too. My budget is a little low so I can only afford something within the $200-$400 range. LOL Here's my rig too:

Dean ML X (classic black)
Vox da5
line 6 podxt live

So far I've looked at a marshall MG, a Raven, and a Crate. any good ideas????
^I disagree.
well if hes all ready got a modeller unit might as well put his money into a tube amp right.
read the post man.
Look into crate V-series there selling hella cheap, also in the used market you cant beat a B-52 AT112 or a classic 30, especially with a good modeller like the POD.
I guess. I was hoping he'd get rid of the pod. But I just hate them, but they're not as bad as a spider.

But those crate v series, those are just poop. I personally don't even think that they sound like a tube amp.

I agree with the classic 30 or B-52 used though.
Peavey 6505+
Fender Hot Rod Deville 410
Fender Telecaster Blacktop
Gretsch G5120
^yes they are poo but for the money there alright.
so the Question i guese is, are you willing to buy Used TS.
basically, I'm doing bedroom playing buy I do jam with my friends every now and then (don't forget about recording too!). As far as a tube amp goes, I could care less.
I played on a Crate FlexWave though and thought it was O.K. I'm Really trying to get away from modelling amps.
those flexwaves are no good, unreliable, just don't sound nice.
Peavey 6505+
Fender Hot Rod Deville 410
Fender Telecaster Blacktop
Gretsch G5120
OK - we have budget, style, guitars and you occasionally play with friends. Assuming that includes a drummer... All we need is...
Would you consider getting better gear used than getting raped buying new?
What major Gotham do you live near? Used markets vary widely.

New? A VK112, Cube 60 (but you don't want a modeler) or a crate V. But used brings another whole world of options if you are patient or live in a decent sized US city.
So not stalking but "where ya at Rock, where ya at?".
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