I have an Ibanez SZ520 and i am looking for some new pickups. i don't know a whole lot about whaat to get so I'm looking for something that is very clean and versatile. Any suggestions?
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i don't know a whole lot about whaat to get

Sounds to me like you don't know what the problem you're attempting to fix is.
Versatility is subjective, some use the passable cleans on a high output p/u, some use sweet, low output pickups and get distortion from the amp (which sounds great)

As a general reccomendation, I'll say what I always say and reccomend Bare Knuckles. The high output pickups even have remarkable cleans, so versatility is there in spades. Pricey, but well worth it.
as for pickups dimarzios are great on high out put and cleans.
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New amp.

Don't be so iaconic. Doesn't tell anybody anything.

The sentiment here is, make sure you know it's the pickups causing the tonal problems and not the amp, which is a much greater influence on tone.