I'm playing my first show in exactly a month, at a local place. it's not my first gig, but it's my first show with this band (metal), so i'm lookin for some advice on how to engage the crowd, any tips you have for pregig rituals (I don't get too nervous, but everyone does get a bit nervous don't they???). Also, any advice on gear and stuff, ie. what I should bring extra of? I have 2 guitars that i'm planning to bring, but i'm not sure what else. Any help is appreciated!
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pretty sure this is the wrong place for this but

set of extra strings
extra cables
backup mic
backup amp (if you have one)
extra pair of shoes (trust me)

ill edit if i think of more
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practice tons so you can play it with your eyes shut. warm up. stay in tune. and give it some mosh!

bring spare strings, spare batteries for pedals if you use them, and more leads than you think you'll need.

engage the crowd with the sheer force of the riff

also make absolute sure the rest of the band know exactly what theyre doing

good luck man. have fun.
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Spare battery, Strings, Lead, strap?

Act cool, go with the flow, LEt the locks down and windwill (hair depending) Dont be shy or insecure

Happy days then!
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