im into metalcore music but just strating out at guitar i was wondering what a ood and easy metalcore song would be my favorite bands are august burns red and after the burial
There aren't any - you'll need to spend a while getting to grips with the basics of the instrument first, just be patient.
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Why don't you listen to some songs then judge what you find easy? If not, ^ What Seagull said.
if you are just starting out then you need to get your speed up and accuracy to play metralcore. very hard and fast with fast solos = one pissed off beginner....do yourself a favor and start with something mild
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So you're not a beginner, you're just starting to play metalcore? I suggest playing some "generic" metalcore like As I Lay Dying or something. That's not too hard.

Also, they're not exactly metalcore, but Thrice's old stuff (from Illusion of Safety and Identity Crisis). Definitely have some metalcore influence, and they kick ass.