well, you could take some really fine sandpaper and try to sand em out, altho you will always have really fine scratches. Or you could spray another lacquer/nitro/etc. coat on it, sand it well like a refinish job, and use only microfiber polishing cloths on it. Those dont leave any scratches.
kk welll i used to use gibson pump polish but it left stuff on my guitar so i got the dean markley love potion # 9 and i works wonders. but i did not know what to do about the scratches.
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Depends on how deep the scratches are. If car wax doesn't remove the scratches w/ serious rubbing, you may need to get into wet sanding (using sandpaper w/ water & use a grit heavy enough to remove the scratches. If you resort to sanding, you'd be better off talking to someone who knows what they're doing, because you may do more damage than good w/ sanding yourself. I used to have a guitar building/finishing business & did lots of custom paint work, & seriously: you need to have a pro look at it if the scratches are really deep. If it's a clear colored finish over the wood (aniline dyes) like a sunburst Les Paul, you'd better be really careful, because if you sand through the clear into the dye, game over.
One thing I'll let you all in on is Klasse Car Polish. It's the most amazing polish ever. I've had one bottle for 20 years. A little goes a long way. Lots of elbow grease, though.

Try car wax first, then the Klasse polish after (no grit in Klasse) for minor scratches. Should come out to a mirror finish.
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