Hey guys. Sorry if this post is done wrong, I don't think I have ever left the pit. But here's a song im writing. It's pretty much done, just i think i need to make it mabey a bit longer. Any thoughts?

I could never say
these words out loud
but time is going fast
so they have to come out now

Thers not enough time
to say all the feelings I have for you
And you know
everthing i say in this is true

And I know
this sounds a little strange
coming form me in this time and place
yeah i love you

just looking at your smile
drives me insane
the thought of just being with you
takes away the pain

Your like an angel
living in my dreams
showing in my head
everytime i try to sleep

And i need you here by me
and i need you to see
how much i love you
its all so true

now before you go
listen to these final word i say
dont rush the choice
we can make this ok

just give me chance
to be
the man youd'e like to see in me
cause i love you
angel from dreams
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The lyrics themselves are decent but you need to organize it better it seems more like a poem than a song. I'd suggest organizing it into a verse,verse,chorus,verse thing or whatever you want. Overall looks good keep it up!