Okay, I wasn't getting any sound out of my bass. I open it up, and the wiring from the red cable is completely disconnected from the jack-thing, the output. I'm going to try fixing it, but what I need to ask is if that I super-glue it, as long as I don't leave big gobs everywhere, will it still work okay?
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i doubt it, you probably need to solder it

You definitely need some solder. Super glue won't do shit actually, except maybe make it worse.
So no super glue for you
5 minutes? After the soldering iron is prepared, back opened, it'll take <5 seconds to make the wire connect.
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Ummmm..... I don't know how to do that... I'll ask my mom's friend; he's getting here in about 20 minutes, and he's had just about every problem you can, from exploding amps to bending the input jack on your cable, so he'll hopefully know what to do... Pity I had to quit, I was working out the minor details about how to do Heart-Shaped Box perfectly (I've only been playing for 2 weeks, so that's an accomplishment for me).
What kind of bass do you have by the way? I had one where that kept happening, and I'm hoping that you didn't make the same mistake I did...
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Ibanez GSR-190.

Alright thank God you didn't buy the same POS that I did. I had a Silvertone P Bass where that kept happening, and at the end of the day, it wasn't even worth the money to fix.

However, a little solder should do the trick, and you should be able to play again in no time
Well, it's up and working, and I got done with Heart-Shaped Box, although I wish I was better with the bend. I'm actually on here now looking for a song I have on my MP3 player that's easy on bass. Thanks everybody!