or whatever kinda kinda music you'd describe us as, we're not really sure exactly


i'm the guitarist in demi lune, and i understand that their is timing issues every once in awhile(they came out imo rather well so we kept them), but we'd like to know your thoughts whether they're good, bad, or indifferent. critique it.
sweet mesquite was done in 2 takes, and nightdream came out that way the first take
Gotta say I like sweet mesquite. I gotta ask though what kind of gear are you using for the guitar and bass? I just think they need beefing up they sound thin. The playing is spot on though.
yeah, it's funny, the guitar is a schecter omen 6 and was recorded with a 20 or 30 watt piece of crap(all we had), and the bass and bass amp are good, he probably just doesn't/didn't know what to do with the mixer and whatnot. is that your band, the cell theorem? i'll check em out. thanks a lot!
Yea that's my band thanks. For the bass the lows and highs just need a raising. Do you use any pedals or are you a purist with guitar then amp?
your band's great! really like the vibe of your songs, especially quarantined, but i like them both.

i'll mention that to him. nope, never minded people playing with em, but pedals aren't for me
thank you I appreciate the compliment. Please feel free to add us. I definitely hear you on the pedal thing, but if you aren't into effects try eq or some of the bbe pedals for more versatility of shaping your sound. Please feel free to add me on UG as well if you're a frequent visitor of the site or rather I'll just add you haha