Hey all, I'm looking to buy my first acoustic guitar. My initial budget was $300-350, but just found a local deal on a fairly new Martin D-16GT for $500 (w/ case).

What with the Martin being all solid wood-- is it a "better" guitar by default & something I should look into? I'm unsure whether or not the stretch will be worth it. (I've yet to try one out, let alone others in my price range-- that's something I hope to get done soon.)

Quite honestly I'd be satisfied with an Art & Lutherie or a Takamine, but I'm trying to look out for myself in the long run.
That's a REALLY good price if it's in good condition. The D-16GT's retail for about $1000 new.
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Yea man, buy that guitar, it usually goes for a little over a grand brand new. The all solid wood construction is gonna make it sound worlds better than a guitar with laminated back and sides. It would definitely worth your while to spend the extra dough and go for it. Chances are you would save money because you'd eventually want to replace a laminated bodied guitar, but solid wood construction just gets better with age!
Hey! I have this guitar! I paid $1000 flat brand new w/ case. This guitar sounds really balanced to me; at first I wanted a guitar with solid rosewood back/sides, but this guitar really made me fall in love with mahogany.

The action of my D-16GT is very playable, and the fretboard is nice also, although it's some form of plastic (Micarta); doesn't really make a difference though. Try it out!