Waiting for sleep to find us,
Caught in a caffeine frenzy.
With post-its stamped onto our brains,
Falling asleep never seemed so hard.

Does she really enjoy herself ?
Said the boy to the girl.
With unwritten love letters,
Scribbled onto the post-its in your mind.

Tell her,
Just how you feel.
Written down.
Crossed out yet again.

Tell her,
That your love for her is real.
Written down.

Saved for future use.

With time holding you to the ground.
I admire the craftmenship that lays before me.
An untold story.
That goes way farther then Caffiene, and Post-its.

It ventures into your past struggles,
Where even the softest of tissues,
Cant dry those tears.

So I wait.
With all these words already prepared.
Sure I'm missing sleep,
Sure your scared.
But only time can tell.

He writes his final draft,
Used for present use.

Write it down.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
Thats a really good looking piece. I would also love to see how this develops when you add more to it