I have a 2007 Squier Affinity Precision Bass. The only mods it has right now is a Fender 1962 pickup and I want to add a turtoise pickguard to spice'n up the looks. I'm not too fond of the plain black body+white pickguard p bass.

Here's the precision bass

Will this pickguard fit the bass without any type of modification to the body? Any help is appreciated! Thanks

EDIT: Be free to suggest any other colors of pickguards that would look good on my Precision.

EDIT 2: I'm asking this question because I read somewhere on Talkbass that sometimes the pickguard screwholes on Squiers don't always match where they are on the Fenders
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i am nowhere near an expert on this, but i don't see why it wouldn't.
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Looks like it. Im pretty (99%) sure that fender and squire have the same body shape/size. only diff i can tell is the neck on some. So im pretty sure it will fit but dont quote me on this lol
if it doesn't why would you have to modify the body anyways?modify the pickguard. much easier.
Yeah it should fit, and if it doesn't, just screw new holes in the pickguard. Much easier than doing work on the instrument.
can i suggest a mirror pickgard,they make every day a DISCO day.
but seriously, if you want suggestions, mirror is the way to go on a plain play p-bass,lynott style.