Alright so I went to a local guitar store and told one of the guys who worked there I'm setting up my old guitar for slide. Now he told me to raise the action which I expected, but he told me to use the truss rod. When I went on here all the lessons/columns basically said don't **** around with the truss rod when your trying to adjust the action, do it directly on the bridge. Why was he telling me to use the truss rod, and what should I do?
Honestly? Probably to rape your guitar. That way you bring it in or get a new one.
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yeah, adjust your action from the bridge. but another thing you can use is this little tool thingy (forget what its actually called) that you put on your nut of your guitar and raises your action nicely for slide. dont put a nail/screw there it will mess up your fretboard.

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Didn't the dude from Lynyrd Skynyrd use a screwdriver under the strings on the first fret?