anybody have/heard of this thing?
i just ran into it on youtube, it looks oustanding
first off makes your wah true bypass, than makes it like the morley's i believe in that you can switch it on by stepping on the wah, really any contact turns it on
here's a link:
so anyone ever seen this?
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i saw this it looks really sweet

too bad i don't have a wah yet

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looks expensive...i rather buy a true bypass stompbox
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heyy, yeah, i saw this thing as well, it looks great :O by the way, the advantage of the g-lab thing above the mod, is that if you step on the corner of the pad, you can play with a fixed tone coming out of your wah (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUJ_08aIFrU)
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I just got one. I already have a true-bypass wah but it's the pressure plate that sold me. I like to be able to do quick wah licks in-between passages where I don't have enough time to turn the button on and off. I could have got a Morley but this allows me to use my favorite wah so I don't sacrifice the tone I want and still get the pressure feature. The true bypass is a plus for those who need it I guess.