anybody else think that she has an amazing voice? I heard her on the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack and her voice is so good.

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Yeah I agree. I got into her through the Raising Sand album she did with Robert Plant - some spellbinding stuff on that disc!!
My grandma got a CD of her and Union Station that is a cracker barrel exclusive (how redneck is that?) but she didn't really like it so she gave it to me. I don't really like it either. She has a great voice and is a good fiddler but her music is so damn poppy.

Union Station is a great band though, I saw Dan Tyminski (her guitarist and the guy that sang "Man Of Constant Sorrow" in O Brother) this summer though and he was really good. Not a great lead player but his rhythm sound was beefy as hell.

Here's a great video
Yeah she has a great voice, I saw her and Mr. Plant on their Raising Sand tour. She can sing anything from Zeppelin to Country, I pretty much busted when they did Battle of Evermore together.
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Hey, what a nice coïncidence. I'm just having Alison Krauss + Union Station Live in my CD player and it's playing 'New Favourite' right now. Get that record. You can't run a household without it.

And also check out all other artists that appeared on the Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, like Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, John Hartford, Norman Blake, The Cox Family, The Stanley Brothers etc. And if you come across a copy of the Down From The Mountain DVD, don't think twice. Get it.