didnt know where to ask this so im asking it here. what is your favorite warm up? can be anything from alt picking to sweep and economy picking warmups. left hand, right hand warm ups. any of em
I do Pentatonic scales all the way up and down the neck. Then I play the song I'm trying to learn for about an hour.
That's my warmup.
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I usually just use a flat 5 scale to warm up. Really gets the pinky stretched.

Do this with my 1st and 2nd finger, 2nd and 3rd and finally my 3rd and 4th. Then alot of legato shapes. Then Picking scales. Then sweeps. Then I try to run up and down all five boxes of the pentatonic and 7 boxes of the major scales (modes i guess you could say). Most of my warm up came from my dear good friend mister mark tremonti
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Basically, I'll just take something that needs a bit of work, and spend 10-20 mins working on it. I'll usually switch out warm-up exercises about every 10 days so they don't get too stale. Right now I'm working on some finger independence stuff, and a 3 npst string skipping exercise.
I'll keep the tempo pretty slow during this part of my practice, usually no more than 50% max speed, since I've got to give my fingers time to warm up.
Here's a couple of things I do to warm-up. First, I usually do hammer-ons and pull-offs to start off with. A real effective exercise is to do hammer/pull-off between each set of fingers: (Starting on the 1st string),1st & 2nd, 1st & 3rd, 1st & 4th, 2nd & 3rd, 2nd & 4th, and finally 3rd & 4th. Focus on clarity, not speed. I do these with a metronome, (usually sixteenth notes), for a minute each. Once you run through them, STRETCH! Stretching is so important for a guitarist, and so over-looked. If you need advice on some stretching exercises, let me know.
Once I've stretched, I might run through the same hammer/pull-off drills again. But this time I'll do them on each string. Kinda like lifting weights, going light to heavy.
Then I'll do picking exercises. Basically I'll use the 3 patterns found in 3-note per string scales. 124, 134, and depending on how you want to finger it, the one where you have a fret between each finger, (I do it 1,2,4). For example, we'll use the 1,2,4 pattern. Start on you B string (any fret you want), and play 1,2,4 then the same thing on your high E. Move up one fret and repeat. Keep going up the neck as far as you want, then come back down in reverse order. Alternate picking the whole time. This gets your fingers accustomed to the scale patterns, gets you used to moving laterally, and works your cross picking. Use a metronome. Triplets and sixteenth note triplets will be the easiest.
You can do this workout in 15-20 minutes. And don't forget to stretch.
If you have any questions, let me know.
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