I recently bought a Jackson Dinky DK2, which I love, and an ENGL Thunder 50 head with a vader cab but I also want a 7-string. I still have some money left that my parents gave me as a gift on my 16, and 18th birthdays (About 1,800), and I've decided that I'd spend another 1,000-1,500 on top of that for a new guitar. Whcih 7-string would be best within my budget? I don't mind if it's high priced, but I'd like it if it was cheaper. (i.e ~2000 or less) I'm looking at an Ibanez UV777 or RG1527. I have a set of pickups set aside (The same set Satch uses, except with the stock centre pickup if I get the UV777) so I don't care much for electronics. Thin, fast neck is preffered.

~ sorry for all the stupid wut2bi questions recently.
go check out rondomusic.com

they have some good guitars under ur budget

or get a schecter hellraiser c-7(i think thats the name)
or a schecter jeff loomis(agian not shure of the model)
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What currency is that? If you live in the US, Carvin all the way. If in Europe, check out Suhr, Vigier, Caparison and others. You won't likely be able to get any of those for under 2k though (except the Carvin), so if you don't want to spend that much the Schecter Loomis sig is nice like devit said.