Hey, I havent been on UG in like, 3 weeks which is weird and while i was on my paid sick leave i conjured up a new song.

Its metalcore...I think i mixed elements of The Darkest Hour and All That Remains


Thanks to mike (Thomasoman) For inspiration on the Chorus Melody!
And for Metaldud536 for telling me its my best piece yet!

Yes, poop.
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Wow man, where to start..
Well, this tab is nothing short of amazing. I especially liked the way the two guitars sound together in the first part of the first verse. I was bangin my head the whole time.
Very catchy throughout...sounds almost like From Autumn to Ashes in the chorus, which isnt a bad thing. Also my ear keeps saying A7X with the harmonized fifths (i believe they were fifths, at least).
I really liked the rhythm during the breakdown too, it was something that i cant ever remember hearing, ya know? it stood out as pretty original to me.
The interlude is amazing..the clean guitar goes very nicely but i wish you woulda switched it up a little for the second bridge. at least on the second guitar (Justin).
Cool way to go out too, i like the harmonized tapping at the very end...verrry cool.

GREAT song overall. 5 stars from me. I'm also assuming those names on the tracks were of your band? If so, keep rockin! i like the sound!

also, you could critique one of my newest songs if u had the time, id greatly appreciate it.

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Love the tapping solo!!the harmonies sound really really cool... it's an awesome song congrats!
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Got a solid and pretty sweet rhythm throughout. Amazing leads throughout too, and great harmonies. Love the clean section. Love the chorus too.

Wasn't too keen on the Second Verse, those chords (Matt) just struck me as sounding a bit dissonant.

Breakdown... was as a breakdown is. I don't think the song ended very well either.

I would love to see this song recorded, and perhaps put a few riffs in, because too me its to short XD. 8/10!

I think that the intro was a bit generic. But when i turned off Matts voice in bars 5-6 it got better IMO

The verse is the best part of the song! Why don't you use it more ='( It is very awesome.

Pre-chorus is good but i must be honest to you and say that i don't enjoy the chorus very much. I think it is too happy.

And i don't really like the dissonance in verse 2 either. Maybe it works better in real life.

I'm not a fan of too slow breakdowns but i know a LOT of people do so that is kind of my problem hehe.

The bridge is great.

So is the interlude and bridge 2 but it sounds a bit tarzan due to the guitar pro-guitars not a problem really.

I don't like bars 61-62 but i like 63+

I may sound harsh and stuff but i only want to help really

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1069336
I loved it, nice piece. It reminds me exactly (well, exactly is a bad word) of a band from around my area. I'm not saying, "Oh, it's been done before." I'm saying, "It is fricken awesome and more people need to write cool things like it." I'm not sure about vocals though, that'd be the make-it-break-it. I imagined it with nice clean melodic singing and some screaming, but mainly a strong clean vocal.

What didn't I like about it? The chugalugading dong break down. It was boring. What would make it better? Pick out those dissonant chords in the part right before it. I put it on the one track just for my pleasure


(edits so you understand exactly what I mean.  each is an eight note
so it would be that twice.  Whatev if you don't like it, I do..)
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I guess i should begin at the intro.

I Don't really like it until bar 5. just a matter of opinion though.

the first verse is great. Esspecially when it's still slow and rings out. One of the best parts of the song.

The pre-chorus is okay. again its all just a matter of opinion. and I agree with whoever said the chorus is too happy. but at the same time its a really good riff. You could do a lot more with it.

Verse two is a cool idea. Its not catchy at all, but its ****ing cool. Followed by that breakdown, which is awesomeee!

bars 35 and 36 of the bridge are SOO GOOD.

But the other two didnt do anything for me.

The interlude and bridge 2 are both good. could have been more catchy, but being catchy is just something i have a big soft spot for.

the outro is awesome. good harmony too.

overall man, its a good song, and as per usual, guitar pro is the main thing that lets it down.

crit mine if youd like (:
This is definitely your best work so far. It's the most consistent. Whereas most of your works that I've heard have had great parts, they've always had parts that make me blanch as well. This one is solid and good the whole way through. Keep it up (and record a damn album already).
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This is an amazing song, everything sounds so perfectly put together. The breakdown was nice and catchy, the riffs were ****ing beautifull, the chorus was a cunting masterpiece, the clean bridge/solo was amazing, and the outro left me satisfied with the song. 10/10, this is some great work. Get famous so I can buy your album. XD C4C? Check my sig.
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** I will crit all your guys song when i get back to my comp that has gp5, im currently in NY for my grandmothers funeral, so please bare with me.

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