I submitted a song with this general idea the other day, but I made in more interesting as a whole, and extended the solo bit. Hope you like it.
Piece Of Hell.zip
Hey hey!

Just wanted to say that the song as a whole is very repetitive. The format, IMO, goes verse, chorus,verse,chorus,verse with solo over it, and back to the verse riff to end. No offense at all, as most grunge bands follow this format and they pull it off nicely (Nirvana, anyone?). And if that was the sound you were seeking then A-Ok!
I just would've liked to have seen more of a diversity in the rhythm. Adding harmony to the guitars would help, as well as adding a bridge, or a pre-verse, post-chorus, whatever.
Now I did like the solo. It was arranged well and flowed with the music nicely.

For an overall rating i would have to give this one a 6.7/10
Technically, it was sound. Musically? it was a tad boring. Good thrash potential tho!

If you have the time, would you mind critiquing my newest song?
Candid Camera (working title still) [GP5]
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Okay... the riff from bar 15 sounds much better now with second guitar and also the main riff is more interesting now. Then there is the verse? the same riff as in the intro, it sounds a little boring, maybe add some lead guitar on the background or something?

The solo was good already but now it's even better.

Overall it's better now, but there is still a little too much repetition on the riffs.
Other than that very good.