Hi, I have a relatively new Digitech The Weapon, and a guitar synth wah. Not sure what I did but after the first few days of use, the pedal when pluged into the correct output for bypass and effect wont work. The red light goes on but it does not give any effect. Plus when i press it down, the light will not go off!!! This has happened with BOTH pedals which are run on 9V batteries which are certainly not out of power. What's wrong with digitech pedals!?! PLEASE HELP!
is your guitar going to the INPUT and output goes to your AMP?

i've done this a few times, wiring it backwards...
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I bought a Digitech delay a while back when I had a job.. I think they just plain can't really work with just a battery, pretty sure you have to have a battery adapter, The music store I go to has every digitech pedal on a board for use and they all work fine 'cause they are on an adapter.. so.. Yeah, just get an adapter
I know exactly what happened. You see these are digital pedals which require more continuous power than a 9V battery can give. Using a battery it might work for a bit, but then it malfunctions and does exactly what you're describing. So to correct this problem, use ac power from an adapter or something like a powerbrick. I'm pretty sure the weapon came with one unless you got it used or something. The same thing happened to my Digidelay, Digiverb, as well as the weapon.
yea man i have the same problems i need adapter power supplies i got an old marshall digitech multipedal,crybaby wah,wylde overdrive i click em on nothin and it pisses me off too u can plug the wah into the digitech to use for the auto wahs and whammy effects in it i need like a morley wah where can press right down so i dont have to click it on n off it doesnt help lol
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