Who here has played any Godin guitars? Can anyone tell me about their feel, sound, quality or value. I was just at the music shop, they had lots and didn't have the time to mess about with much. Any Godin users who want to share their experiences?
Ive played some nice ones. I havent played a bad one actually, but some of them are pretty ugly shapewise.
I really liked the Lg P-90, had great sustain - but was pretty heavy for such a small guitar.
Well I recently picked up a Godin Detour and I love it. When I was picking out guitars I had it down to the Godin and an Ibanez and I decided to stretch out my budget for the Godin. If I had to describe the major difference between the two for me, I guess I would have to sum it up as that the Ibanez felt "soulless" when I compared it to the Godin. I love the way it plays and enjoy its simple style.