"I just cant get comfortable"
well would you like me to sleep on the floor?
cause I can tell by your exhalations,
that im not welcome here.
"why wont you do something?"
Oh, my pretty dear,
I could do so much,
oh, so much.
But my friend is calling my cell phone,
not like I'll answer.
He'll understand,
all I have to say is I was with you,
which is an utter lie.
"Would you please talk?"
Oh, we both know thats not really what you want,
you just want me to pretend im asleep
and go to bed,
and go home,
and come back next thursday.
"What are you thinking?'
what are you thinking?
That we are like rags on the sidewalk?
that our hearts quiver like a junkie?
"You don't love me anymore"
we both knew it was only infatuation.
which is really just the love of myself,
I only loved having you around,
because you made me feel alright.

-its the same scene as the night before,
as a prom night with a blow up doll date-

"take me away romeo, make me feel loved again"

"I'm so sorry."
and I still don't know what for.
There were sections in it that felt a little 'one-sided', but I could be missing your slant. I'll keep reading.
I really liked it on the first scans. Once again, you have delved into the hearts and minds of every man and spelt it out in simple words.
The problem that I have is yet to be told...