Pebble by Pebble, we walked in the sand,
Waves crossing over, hand holding hand.
An error of judgement, it causes her fall,
Ocean-bound siren, forever she calls.

Young distraught lover, pain buried deep
Already given all he would reap
The man's companion lost to Poseidon's wrath
But he must continue on Fate's uneven path

Broken he lies awaiting, for her distant voice to call
He doesnt even realize she's the answer to it all
He does not see her message though the words are painted black
We let our minds tumble because we dont know if hes coming back

We dont know if his heart is shattered to the point of no return
And if so then through the pain he renders a lesson he shall learn
His comprehension of this lesson, his only way to start
He must fully understand he's lost his counterpart