I recently bought an Ampeg SVT410HE Cab off of my friend who upgraded to the 810 or what not.

Before that, I've just been using a big old combo amp for the 80's thats the size of the 410HE, so I don't have a Head to go along with it. Me and a couple friends have been doing some gigs lately and I want to unleash this thing. I will also be using it for school "Rock Band" class so it will be getting some good use. I often play alot of Metal and legit Hardcore.

Does anyone have some good suggestions for a Head Amp. I'm willing to spend a decent amount of cash on it.
i suggest the sea floor

seriously i'd suggest something to get more lows out of the damn thing, they seriously have no low end those things
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Your best option is going to a music store and just play with everything.
what a waste of a perfectly good sig.
hmm. ebay. a fitting match.

but you need a price range.
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