This was recorded for a friend's recording project. This is essentially spoken word/poetry backed by guitar and bass.

It was a completely improvised first take recording.

Hope you enjoy it.
~*Om Shanti*~

Bailey Solomon - Spoken Word
Pat Murphy - Upright Bass
Srinjay Banerjee - Guitar

Recorded and produced by Brooks Binau.

I'm posting here after a long time, let me hear what you guys think.

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^Thanks for taking a listen, if you have something you'd like me to comment on, feel free to send me a link.

The guitar signal was completely dry, plugged into a DI which ran into Pro Tools. The bass was set up the same way, and it was also mic'd to give it a little more depth and clarity. The vocals were recorded similarly. It was a very bare bones recording set up, and we tried achieving as clean a signal as possible. The mixing was done by our friend at the college studios, where he tweaked it further in Pro Tools. That said, he only added subtle touches such as panning the guitar sound occasionally, adding a slight reverb on the vox at points, and doing some subtle eq-ing. That's about it.
I would love to have you critique my music. I don't know how to post a link, but if you go to my profile page my song is there.

I call it Metal Mystique. I am a pretty much a beginner at this music making stuff. I recorded this with free software off the internet. I play all instruments. I used my casio keyboard to make the drum sounds. I played my strat thru a digitech RP50. I detuned and faked in the bass track.

I love the stereo panning on your music. I need to figure out if I can do that with my software.