Poll: Does Juliet Simms sing throughout the entire song??
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Juliet sings ONLY in her solo at the end
2 67%
Juliet harmonizes with Alex throughout the whole song
0 0%
I dunno, Im tone deaf
1 33%
Voters: 3.
So my friend and I are arguing about how much of the song Juliet Simms sings (Simms is the girl who sings the little solo at the end)
Now my friend thinks that all of the harmonizing THROUGHOUT the ENTIRE SONG is done by Juliet Simms.

But I think the harmonizing is all done by Alex, just overdubbing himself.

I'm pretty much 99% sure I'm right, but it's sort of hard to tell since the main vocal part overpowers the harmony.

Simms sounds nothing like the harmony part throughout the song. Her voice is more dynamic and powerful, while in this song Alex's voice is straightforward and clear, which is exactly how the harmony part sounds.

But anyways, this is just for fun, and vote on what you think is right.
instead you could just post this in the All Time Low thread....
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