Hey guys, I would like to buy or trade for a Marshall 4-12 Cabinet. I have a Fender Frontman 212 in mint condition if anyone is interested. I am deffinitely willing to negotiate.

Thanks and God Bless!

Philip Hart

1 John 1:9
i have a marshall tsl 60w half stack for sale. The cab is a 4x12 1960 Lead!

I am willing to sell seperately. not trading as need money lol
actually there would be no way of getting it to you as your the other side of the world to me lol sorry dude
where you at?
I have a Marshall MG412 angled half stack
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online place for buying/selling trading...i've made many a good deal on there and more than likely they'll have a city close to you with people looking to unload a marshall cab and if not i've got one $150 + shipping.