i actually just bought a jazz pick up to make a whamloa. im gonna try out the jazz and see if i like it verses the p bass pick up which did you use?

i would like to see some pics or a video if you got sometime.

i have to make mine over christmas break to make mine casue all my tools are at my parent .
I used a guitar pickup, not a bass pickup. I used 1/16'' cable from home depot as the string and tuned it to D. I have a 1/8'' string, but I haven't tried it yet, so far the string and pickups I've been using have been working great, and from what little info I've been able to find, everyone seems to think guitar pickups are better for it anyways. Although you could try bass pickups if you got extras, I play guitar, so I had extras lying around.

I did however pick up a VERY strong bass tuning peg (I asked for the strongest they had) at my music store, it's working very nice, I'd recommend a bass tuning peg for it.