I need help! Someone! Anyone! Please!

I am in the midst of my first re-finish, and I have two questions for anyone who knows the answers:

1. I sanded the lacquer flat after 2 weeks of curing, and it looks blotchy. Blotchy as in patches are different looking thant others, and no, it's not because I didn't sand down far enough to take the shine off everywhere. Neither the blotches nor any other part of the finish is shiny after flat sanding, it's just a different "quality" of white. The more I sand the bigger the blotches get. Is that because the blotches are spots where I sanded through the lacquer down to the top coat of white? Should I lay down some more coats, wait two more weeks, and start again?

2. How do you know when you are "done" with a particular grade of sand paper when wet-sanding? What happens to me is this: I'm going along starting with 600 dry for cutting things nice and flat, then move to 800 wet, to 1000 wet, to 1200 wet, to 1500 wet, to 2000 wet. Everything is looking great, so I go ahead and buff with a fine compound, and I get a completely gorgeous high gloss finish...accept it's got various scratches here and there from the heavier grades of sandpaper that I had "missed". The finish is stunning but for those pesky scratches that can't be seen until the buffing stage. How do I avoid this? For example, how do I know when I have sanded out all the 800 marks with my 1000 and it's now safe to move to 1200?? GARRR it's driving me crazy!

I PMed these questions to Ippon as I hear he's the man at refinishing, but am also curious to know as many answers/sides to the story as I can get my hands on...please respond!
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As for you problem:

Why did you block sand again? Once the lacquer cures, you start wet sanding with 600 all the way up to as high as you want to go.

Then you buff.

The other part... you know when your done a part when the water you use stops beading on the surface of the guitar.

You will be able to feel the difference across the guitar as you sand. Ensure that it all feel smooth to achieve the best results.

That's what I did, anyway.

If you PMed Ippon, he will probably know better than most guys here. Be patient.
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