This is an unusual song by LZ...no-one covers this, and in fact, not many LZ tunes get covered, period, as there are several limiting factors.

My band, "The Exiles" recorded this as part of our sample/demo offering for the purpose of promotion, and the song is part of our regular song list. We're a GB&D trio....I'm the guitar guy. We're a cover band, but like to do songs that are somewhat out of the mainstream...tell me what you think.

Im a huge led-head and I have to say, im impressed. Yeah the recordings a little rough, but the playing is all good. I agree with eminored about the vocals. I usually dont like the vocals in zeppelin cover bands but your singer realy pulls it off nicely. Zeppelin's a tough band to cover. You guys are pretty solid. good work.
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Thanks for the replies, and for the constructive tone. This was our first attempt at a LZ tune; we've been wanting to do one for a while now, and I know a lot of their stuff on guitar, but it's almost impossible to come up with one of their tunes in which the vocal range is accessible. Then I remembered this one..."oh yeah, we could do that"

I concur with GuitarNinja's the comment that LZ cover vocals almost never make the grade...how can they? Plant was some kind of mutant in those days (although his mature style is arguably better now than it ever was back then). Even so, our vocalist is right at the edge of his range with this. To be honest, none of us are really 'the vocalist'...we're instrumentalists who do the vocals because we're a trio and someone has to do them....the bass player got the nod on this one because his voice just more naturally approximates Plant's. I thought he pulled it off pretty well.

For that matter, Plant himself pulled it off pretty well too, given that, by this time in their career, Led Zeppelin were already a global phenomenom and Page was pretty much writing this outre, unheard-of music and "phoning it in" for the rest of the band to deal with as well as they could.

Thanks again for the feedback!
Oh yea, NOBODY covers Led Zeppelin songs...

But anyways solid cover. Vocals pulled off pretty well. Drums seem a bit..stiff? I don't know how to describe it. Nailed everything else though. Good job.
Quote by Zycho
Oh yea, NOBODY covers Led Zeppelin songs...


If you re-read my post you will see that I'm referring to the fact that no-one EVER covers THIS particular song (I know this because I have never heard a single band cover this song ever since it came out...and I've seen a LOT of bands), also that LZ covers in general are rare due to their inherent difficulty and strangeness...nevertheless, thanks for your positive comment about the song.

The recording quality here is rudimentary....but then live recordings have that tendency. Also, the comments about the drum sound are well-taken. I certainly would have placed them farther back in the mix and added more gating and broader ambience, but I wasn't the producer.

We're all guys in our 50s who grew up with this music (real old guys, you know? )but we all share the same obsession with this music that we've had since we were teenagers. Fortunately, we find that a lot of others share this obsession, judging from the reactions we get, including lots of folks a generation younger than we are, who realize as we do that the current crop of so-called pop-music offerings is little more than formulaic revenue generation. Thank God some people out there still hunger for ACTUAL music.