Hopefully someone can help me. Whenever I go to type a new paragraph and press enter, it does an extra space - meaning that I can't type a line directly under the previous paragraph.


EDIT: By the way, Word 2003.
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Damn - haven't tried that! I've just been pressing enter continuously hoping that it will somehow move my previous paragraph in front of my slowly descending cursor, and remove the extra line space!

Tried it...
Tried the Word help??? You know that annoying paper clip that's always there in your face asking if you have any questions?
on word 07, theres an option along with the line spacing to 'add/remove space after paragraph', and 'add/remove space before paragraph'

I don't have word 03, but I'd assume it has a similar option somewhere in the paragraph/spacing options..
I've found it, but it's greyed out...

My English teacher skitzed at me for having an extra space between all of my paragraphs before, and gave me a 14 instead of a 15 for that reason.
Cheers. I'm sure she'll understand anyway...

By the way, why don't you update your guitar building thread?