I wrote this poem about english. btw, ASA=Detention in our school.

I sit in english

Reading a book

About poor people

and how they look

Some guy's gonna live in a yurt

with a wife of whom he's hurt.

I sit in english

while my mind fizzes

all we do is read and take quizzes.

I sit in english,

it's such a bore.

I just want to walk right out the door.

Oh look, he sent me out to the hall.

Trying to trip me but I wont fall.

I sit in the hall.

A disciplinary measure.

Doesn't affect me at all.

All I do is go Lawl.

I sit in the hall

Handed a ASA

Go home and continue on with my day.
Is this what you want?
I think this is fantastic. The cynicism and sarcasm (if that was your aim) is glorious. A perfect look into school teaching and the bollocks they sometimes profess to display.
ur so rite.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
ah, irony is a beautiful thing. I enjoyed it. Childish, but what do i care? It made me smile.
Thanks. It's exactly what I was aiming for. I wrote it during my english class, which is hell =/. Based on true events. Thanks guys!
Is this what you want?
childish, yet the irony is amusing.

if the childishness was purposeful, good job. if not, keep going.