Well i officially feel like a shit guitarist, i read theory books, i jam as much as i can to backing tracks, i still feel like i don't understand how scales and modes work, even though i read up on the all the time. I'm currently learning 'take the time' by dream theater, i can play the nintendo solo at 100bpm and i just dont feel like ill ever be worthy of being in a band or anything. I get lessons from a strict classical teacher and he says im a decent guitarist.

I dont know weather its good to feel like a good guitarist or not, but i just feel like i'm not having any fun with playing anymore.

Anyone else have these problems? are they normal?
i think that in thinking ur not a good guitarist woudlnt be such a bad thing, becuase it can inspire u to become a better guitarist and reach for ur goal
however. if ur not having as mcuh fun playing anymore, thats a problem. try to relax a bit, dont take it so seirous. i mean, we play gutiar cuz its fun right?! haha thats jsut what i think, im not a good guitarist at all. lol
i think we've all felt like that at one time or another. just persevere and you'll get better and be more esteemed about your playing
Have you ever actually played with a group before? It sounds like you are getting your knowledge of the instrument down but you're not really applying it anywhere. If I never played with anyone, I'd be really bored with it too.

I think you should go find a friend to play with, or at least just someone to listen to you play and get your creative side working. Playing by yourself is not (in my opinion) nearly as rewarding as getting together with other guys (and gals) and letting the creative aspect of guitar playing free.

There's no point in knowing modes and scales if no one will ever hear them, unless you are entirely self motivated, which it sounds like you are not.
ya i definitly agree with ed the only reason someone plays guitar is to have fun expressing yourself..if your not doing that for yourself then stop reading so much about it a let it flow more naturally. i had the same problem i started reading a lot of stuff and then all i was doing was playing how some person on the internet told me to and not how i wanted to..JUST RELAX AND HAVE SOME FUN
dude,never taken a formal lesson been playing 10 months i play better than people whov had lessons,and i know this for a fact,try getting creative and writing,some days i can play any thing,hit evrey tuning right on the head by ear sometimes i need to play an eisier song and get my tuner out,some days i strike the best bone crunching riff (i play/write metal) sometimes my riffs sound liek total shit,its all part of the game
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hahahahah honestly....I think I'm awful at guitar......but I play because its something I enjoy..........

I just dont have a ton of time to devote to it to take lessons...so I'm entirely self taught...

But like Ed said....its because its fun.....
if you aren't having fun anymore...thats a problem..........

why is it no longer enjoyable?
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Don't worry about whether or not your good. Just pick up your guitar and whale on it, have fun and enjoy your playing. That's what I do at least (and yes, I do suck).
If guitar playing sounds like work(in your case it does), take a break, come back.
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every guitarist goes through times like that one way or another. maybe take a little of your practice time and just play something thats easy to play well but you have fun playing just to relax. you have to be in the mood to play guitar to play it well. you cant just put your nose to the grindstone and force practice till you stop enjoying it and it becomes a task and not something youre just in the mood to do because you like it. becoming a great guitarist takes years and it doesnt always progress consistently. sometimes you have an epiphany in development and you get better suddenly and sometimes you kind of stall out and it seems like nothings changing. just get more and more comfortable playing and more importantly keep enjoying your playing. youd be better off never getting better than you are now and enjoying every minute of it than to be able to drop jaws with your technique but it always feels like a job.
Before anyone flames me. I am completely serious. This used to happen to me all the time. I had the worst creative block ever and I never felt like I was good. Until I started stoning a few years ago. Blaze it up then try playing. I swear to god, your creativity will explode. Not to mention its just fun either way. You might not make any good riffs right off the bat, But Ideas usually flow and then you can work on them while sober.
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There is not one guitarist (besides a self centered one) who can honestly say "I was always great" we've either had friends who could rock the guitar and we sat there staring at our guitars like 'um...'

PLAY TO ENJOY YOURSELF! Play chords, play riffs of your favorite songs, and just mess around don't sit there and say "I'ma play this song" cause if you just let the songs come to you, you get much more fun.

Honest words to live by: There is no way you can learn music, you have to feel it. Sure you can learn the THEORY to music, but believe me. You only know music once you've gotten to play some of your own stuff yourself.
quit guitar for a month or so... and then come back . helps.
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I'm not sure I could possibly add to the great advise you have already gotten. big thumbs up to all of you. I can tell first hand we all go through it, even the greats did it or do it. Find a partner to jam with regardless of the instrument they play. I grew so fast in my playing after I did it was scarry.
i used to fell like that. I had no motivation wat so ever and my guitar teacher was kinda gettin pissed of at me. All I would do was go out and ride bmx. I didnt play for about half a year and then i stripped out my cranks and i had nothing to do for ages and i looked at my guitar and started playing again and i have been playing it heaps ever since. so in short just have a break.
Honestly when I thought I sucked at guitar, I just told myself "Keep practicing, and keep trying. You'll get better just keep trying"

I never took a break and I'm a great guitar player.

So whether to take a break or not is your choice if you think it'll help do it, if not then don't.
I know the feeling! Don't worry about your music teacher who thinks you're a :decent guitarist". Just because you can't shred or do tons of scales and crap like that, doesn't mean you're not a good guitarist. Look at Kurt Cobain. This man cleaned everything down to the basics and I mean THE BASICS. His style can't get any simplier, but the point I'm trying to make is that he still moved people with his music.

You have to think of yourself as a good guitarist and stop comparing yourself to other people. Take it from me.
Just play bunch of covers of songs, search them on Youtube, & be proud that you're better than most of them. Also, I think there's MUCH more people here (including me) that don't know pretty much anything of theory and scales than we think.
Your feelings are completely normal. Everybody feels like that sometimes.

You specifically mentioned not understanding theoretical stuff like scales and modes. Have you tried writing your own songs? I don't understand most theory-related things yet, TBH, but what progress I have made has come mostly from writing. You could give it a try.
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If it helps... I feel like that all the time.

What you need to do is go play with some players who aren't as good as you. You'll see how far you've progressed and at the same time, you'll see that they also know things you've never known. That should encourage you to play more.

In the same vein, do play with some players who are better as you, you'll have a goal to work towards, and at the same time you'll be surprised how close you are to them.

I've played with players who aren't as good as me, and players who are much better than me, and you'll get comments like "hey man, how'd you play that riff" or "that riff sounds great" and this can come from both players who are better than you, and players you are better than. In the same token, you'll take something away from them as well.

Go jam, let loose, forget the theory.

In some way, I'm like you, I know quite a bit about theory, but without someone to bounce ideas off, I get bored quick. Make friends with someone who plays guitar and set a challenge to cooperate on riffs, you'll be surprised what that can do for you. You'll pick up new styles and new ways to incorporate techniques you've learnt before.

Even if it is twiddling a riff, that's better than memorising theory.
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I would take the advice of the classical teacher over most shredders.

A large portion of " guitar players " aren't really guitar players...they're song players...meaning they only learn songs, not their instrument.

This is easily proven...ask the shredders to play their best solo in a different key...on the fly. Ask them to solo over the song in a different scale...on the fly. Ask them to change modes. Ask them to phrase it differently. Ask them to build chords differently. You'll be surprised how many self proclaimed " guitar players" can't do these things.

This site is an excellent example. Look through random tabs posted here. I see tabs that are obviously in the wrong key, yet they have multiple 5 star ratings...rated by people who think they are excellent guitar players yet know nothing about the guitar.

One thing is guaranteed with the classical people...they ARE guitar players.

As far as " is it normal? " Yes, almost every player hits plateaus in their learning process. All this stuff you are learning will come together one day, it just takes time...less for some, more for others, but you'll get there.