Well I'm selling this guitar to my friend soon but I've never heard of the company, its a Cortez, if someone could tell me how much it might be worth i would appreciate it.

Go to my profile to find the 2 pictures i have the guitar.

and yes im aware that i put this in electric guitar when the guitar is really acoustic, my mistake.
That's my company's guitar. it's one of the low end models.

no but seriously Cortez is my last name. i would buy it off you just for the lulz.
but to answer your question it just looks like some cheap guitar. probably won't be worth more than $50 buck US, if at that.
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The drummer in my band has a blue cortez acoustic. I'm not too fond of it. I wouldn't pay more than $10 for it. But I'm sure someone would pay $50
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IIRC, there were some old Cortez guitars that came from the company that became Cort. Not worth too much... though I've seen set-neck Les Paul copies bearing the name fetch around $600.

Of course, these are vintage - yours might be something else, just throwing that out there.