So everyone's talking about it. Everyone's buying it. So I think I'm going to get one soon, since I want to start recording. So I'm planning on buying the Presonus Inspire interface with one(should i get two?) SM57 mic.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

I mic up my amp, connecting the mic to the interface, then the interface to the computer right?

And I can mic up one thing at a time, guitar, vocals, and bass right?

Is the software that comes with it any good for recording?

And finally,
The only thing I need are drum tracks. I don't have a drummer yet, nor do I enough extra money for drum machines.

So does the software that comes with the Presonus have drum loops already for me to use or do I have to buy some programs.

You got it right with the hookup.
The software's fine for starting out...as long as you don't plan on doing serious sampling or recording an entire band, it'll work.
You'll only need one microphone for now.
Look at the drum program thread for ideas.
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also for the drum thing....
go and look at sights that have loops up like:

you will be able to find drum loops, don't worry about that.

as for the two mic thing, if you can afford two then it might be a good idea, or you could get a better mic. If you dual mic a guitar for ex. you will get a much much fuller sound.