Okay so I want to play that really neat Star Spangled Banner song with the rocking electric guitar with the heavy distortion but I dont know if I got the right tab. I used this one: http://ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/misc/star_spangled_banner_tab.htm ... but it sounds to much like the normal version from what ive tried of it.

Maybe its just my ear. I dont know but if you guys can send me a link or somthing for the tab im looking for that would be great.

PS. If anyone remebers a few months back there was that commercial for the Mountain Dew "Dew-mocracy" thing where you voted for one of 3 new flavors... they played it in that.
well yeah that link you provided is actually the standard version of the anthem, not a rocking version.

The type of thing you're looking for was most likely produced by learning the standard version and playing it with a nastier tone with a lot of feedback, distortion, effects, and improv. I haven't seen the commercial you mentioned, i'll see if i can find it somewhere. So just try and find a really good sound out of your amp that would fit this type of style, and make the song your own (as cliche as that sounds).

Also, you might try looking up other guitarists who have played this, there are quite a few.

Here is Jimi Hendrix's version: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/j/jimi_hendrix/star_spangled_banner_tab.htm

Good luck

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Jimi hendrix does the main version of it. I think he's actually quite known for it over moy guitarists isn't he?